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Connecticut to North Carolina (it’s a thing)

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

By Haul of Fame Movers

Once again we find ourselves talking about the massive exodus of Connecticut residents, but let’s get more specific, the Carolina‘s are becoming the new New England. We are getting calls on a weekly bases from Connecticut residents looking for quotes for long distances moves mostly to North Carolina‘s Charlotte area.

This huge migration is not just due to a change in climate. Politics aside people generally want to keep more money in their accounts than they pay in taxes and living expenses, do you agree? The lack of diversity in industies in the south is would have given people pause to move here in the past, but with the increase of remote work places, entrepreneurs, and the overall expansion/ growth in North Carolina’s economy over the last 20 years, many people are flying south.

Southern hospitality is actually a real thing. You will notice this even when you stop for gas. “Hi honey, what can I get for you” is a regular gesture. if you are new to these blogs, you will come to know that I am a big foodie, so trust me when I say that you have never had BBQ until you visit the Carolinas’s. Bu the way, there are these things called boiled peanuts sold everywhere, try them!

For the same dollar amount you will most likely receive more house and more land than you had in Connecticut after moving to North Carolina. A lot of the new and everyday expanding neighborhoods around Charlotte are gated communities. I have three minor critiques about some of these neighborhoods. Most of if not all of the houses in these communities look exactly the same. Also if your realtor sells you on a nice view, beware that a new home may most certainly be built right in front of it. The last thing is kind a weird, living in New England you take for granted the fact that yes we pay more taxes, but our streets and highways are bright. I do not know if this is true, but the state as a whole seems to be very conservative with electricity, it gets very dark in the Carolina‘s, and I am not talking about the rural areas. If there are street lights in some of these neighborhood, they are few and far between, and very short compared to the taller posts found up north. This complete darkness does make for a great view of the stars though.

The demographics in NorthCarolina are changing, and many brands and businesses that you enjoy up north are here now. Did I also mention the sheer number of great college and universities in North Carolina? Duke, Wake Forest, and UNC are just a few within 20 miles away from each other.

To sum it up, if your moving to North Carolina from New England you may find more and more Patriots fans at your local North Carolina establishments

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