Terms & Conditions

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DOT# 3487445 


52 Oakcrest Drive Westfield Ma 01085

Haul of Fame Movers LLC


      Haul of Fame Movers LLC is fully licensed by the state of Massachusetts DPU and fully insured per DOT requirements. Fully insured means that Haul of Fame Movers has workers comp for all of its workers assuming all liability in the event of injury or death, The Cargo covers up to $10,000. We also have a $5,000,000 umbrella policy which covers the excess of any claim under general liability. We remain professional in our approach to providing a safe and stress free move for all of our clients. All data collected by Haul of Fame Movers on its website shall not be sold to a third party.  


Haul of Fame Movers is NOT liable for any damage to items packed by the client. We are only responsible if blatant negligence occurs from the crew which directly causes visibly noticeable physical damage to the item or property resulting from transport by Haul of Fame Movers or work performed during the move by Haul of Fame Movers. If damage is found, the customer must file a damage claim during the given time period described below. Damage claims shall not be honored until charges of the move are paid for in full. Haul of Fame Movers reserves the right to repair the damage(s) in question.

  • All claims of damage, loss, or billing issues must be presented in writing within forty eight hours time after the job is done.

  • Claims for concealed damage must be submitted with proper evidence of the crew being the cause of the damage within 48 hours of completing the job.

  • Haul of Fame Movers are not responsible for mechanical or electrical failures on equipment, appliances, or tools.

  • Within the 48 hours the items claimed must not have been tampered with, adjusted, or altered in any way.

  • Only televisions, appliances, and equipment valued over $200 confirmed in the confirmation email shall be covered by Haul of Fame Movers. Last minute or newly added items (day of the move) valued over $200 shall not be covered.

  • Clients may elect not to include furniture protection and television boxing by signing a release of liability form, which herby releases Haul of Fame Movers from any liability.

  • In the event of a claim Haul of Fame Movers will contact the person or business listed on the form within 24 hours.

  • If Haul of Fame Movers is found to be at fault for damage, someone from the office may offer full replacement, repair, or reimbursement for more immediate attention.

  • Claims that cannot be settled by Haul of Fame Movers immediately will be transferred to our insurance.

Items that shall not be moved by Haul of Fame Movers


  • Paint

  • Hazardous chemicals 

  • Humans/ animals

  • Firearms/ ammunition 

  • Anything deemed criminally illegal locally or federally 

  • Any kind of biological waste or items containing this

  • Hazardous materials

  • Liquids

  • gas/ propane

  • Televisions not in boxes

  • oil

  • light bulbs

  • unpacked paintings

  • loose unpacked smaller items

  • Items bolted to the floor

  • Heavy commercial items that require a crane or lift.

Gas powered appliances must be completely emptied prior to being moved.

Haul of Fame Movers does not disconnect gas lines under any circumstances.


Items not covered by Haul of Fame Movers

  • Items not on original or updated inventory list confirmed by Haul of Fame Movers

  • Particle board

  • Items that the client requested not to be wrapped or boxed by Haul of Fame Movers

  • Loose items that were not packed in boxes or totes.

  • Fragile items that were packed but not labeled fragile.

  • Fragile items that were not secured and wrapped properly inside of its container

  • Items that were damaged prior to Haul of Fame Movers handling them.

Services not provided by Haul of Fame Movers

  • Haul of Fame Movers only performs job duties within the scope of house hold goods moving, junk removal, and commercial moving.

  • Junk Removal is based upon Haul of Fame Movers discretion.

  • Haul of Fame Movers are not permitted to unbolt equipment or furniture from the floor.

  • Haul of Fame Movers are not permitted to drill into wall structures.

  • Haul of Fame Movers are not permitted to drive any other vehicles not registered or rented to Haul of Fame Movers

Snow and Hazardous weather conditions

Prior to arrival, clients must have all walkways/ driveways cleared of snow and salted.

Clients will be billed for wait time during snow removal if not properly prepared.

Failure to properly remove snow may in cancellation (loss of security deposit), postponement, or rescheduling.

Haul of Fame Movers reserves the right to reschedule due to harsh weather.

Special accommodations

Rates and commitments made via certified email from hauloffamemovers@gmail.com shall superceed related terms to this contract and shall be honored.


Clients who live in areas where metered parking is required, must provide parking spots via meter bags or any other form of payment or accommodations from municipal.

Failure to provide adequate parking will result in the client being responsible for any parking tickets accrued by Haul of Fame Movers on the move date.


Our hourly rates are the same all year around. After the minimum hourly charge (described in section1.3) the hours for jobs will be calculated in fifteen-minute increments. When the hourly charges are calculated the time will be rounded up to the next fifteen-minute increment, if it falls in between the incremental time periods. For example if the clock ends at 12:24pm, for billing purposes it will be rounded up to 12:30pm. If a multiple day job requires a truck to sit overnight, there will be a “sit” fee associated with that job. 

Travel Time/ toll Charges

Travel time will begin upon departure. Return travel will be determined by using GPS and selecting the fastest route for trucks to use. If a crew runs into traffic in between the pick up and delivery, that time will be included into the billing.

Hours are billed by 15 < minute increments. Example: Movers arrive at 8:55am and finish at 5:08 the labor hours are 8 hours and 15 minutes plus the travel time.

Travel time for all moves will be charged from Haul of Fame Mover’s principal office location, which is 52 Oakcrest Dr. Westfield, MA 01085 or from the additional addresses below.

Additional offices billed from:

178 Prospect st Northampton Ma

30 Fuller Rd, Chicopee, MA 01020

10 Locust St, Hartford, CT 06114

147 Chandler St, Worcester, MA 01609

Time from the crew’s departure from the office to the pickup location and then returning to the office from the delivery location. 

Toll charges shall be calculated and included in the fuel/toll section of your estimate and bill.

Minimum Hourly Charges:

Rates are based on seasonal changes and demand.

Haul of Fame Movers has a Three Hour Minimum Charge associated with moves involving a truck. On labor only jobs your first hour is billed when the movers start and does not accrue additional hours until after 60 minutes.

2 Movers and a 16ft truck $145-$165/hr (travel time billed from nearest office to pick up location) Small 1br - 1.5br moves only

2 Movers and a 26ft truck $165-$190/hr  (travel time billed from nearest office to pick up location)

3 Movers and a 26ft truck $200-$220/hr  (travel time billed from nearest office to pick up location)

2 movers labor only (no truck no minimum) $200/hr

(travel time billed from nearest office to pick up location)

Additional movers beyond three $40-$50/hr

Additional 26ft truck $300/day

Additional 16ft truck $200/day

Sit Fee $300/truck/day

Holiday (any federally observed holiday) / Same day booking (within 24 hours) Rates

Rates will increase between 50%-100% depending on demand

Long Distance (over 150 airtime miles one way):

For full service only.

  • $0.50 per pound 

  • $1.50 per mile (round trip)

  • $300/day/truck

  • Labor time: Quoted based on standard rates over estimated hours of packing (if applicable), loading, unloading, and assembly/disassembly (if applicable).

  • Supplies TBD 

  • Tolls will be factored into quote

No Fuel fee under 200 miles round trip

You will not be charged fuel for local moves under 200 miles round trip.

Fuel charges over 200 miles round trip

$50 per 200 miles per truck. Miles between every 200 will not count until reaching the calculated distance reaches 200 miles. 

Coupons for supplies and moving labor: 

Are emailed to customers with the initial quotes depending on the time of year or special promotions. Coupons shall be presented or shown to the supervisor collecting payment at the end of the job in order to be applied to final billing

Misc Supply charges:

$40 for tape and shrink used to protect your furniture. 

Release of Liability forms (Not recommended):

Clients may chose to sign a release of liability for furniture protection and fee for what ever reason they may choose. However by requesting and signing a release of liability form it removes Haul of Fame Movers from all liability pertaining to the cargo or items handled.

Included protection (no additional charge)

  • Furniture pads for wooden and fragile furniture/ items

  • 1 Mattress bags

  • 1 wardrobe box 

  • Load straps

  • 1 Tv box

OPTIONAL (at clients request):Additional Supply Charges such as added floor protection, ect can be purchased at the clients discretion.

all rentals are required to be returned to Haul of Fame Movers by the end of the move or storage rental duration.

Additional supplies as requested by customer for a fee

Wardrobe boxes= $10 rental or $20 sale

Ram Board floor protection= charge by the roll @ $50 per roll (must receive square ft before purchase)

Carpet masks=  Charged by the package @ $50 per package (must receive square ft before purchase)

Additional Tv box= $20 rental or $30 sale

small box= $2.00

medium box= $3.00

Large Box= $3.00

Dish box= $4.00

Packing paper= $20.00/roll

Storage Piano Board rental: $400 for greater than 1 week

Storage blankets for rent: $20/blanket or $200/dozen 

Waiting/Time Delays

In the case of any dead time, waiting, or delays that are not by the fault of Haul of Fame Movers, customers will be charged the hourly rate of the job for that time incurred.

Computing Charges:

Haul of Fame Movers computes the total of each job by multiplying the hourly rate by the amount of hours worked, then adding any additional services separate from the hourly rate. Junk removal jobs are flat rates that we calculate from estimating the volume space multiplied by weight.

Multiple Day Job

For every residential local move, Haul of Fame Movers requires payment for every day at the end of every work day. Commercial jobs may be invoiced.

Packing Charges

Haul of Fame Movers offers packing services as well as unpacking services for additional charge including the hours worked. The charges for packing only jobs will be calculated by adding the hourly rate for labor plus the MSRP of all the packing supplies used for that  job. For pack and move jobs to be done on the same day, the hourly rate for the whole time will be the hourly rate with a truck plus the MSRP of all the packing supplies used for the job.

Junk Removal

Junk removal as either a one off service or an add on shall be billed separately. Junk removal of normal house hold goods is billed by space, while construction debris and non household goods shall be billed by the hour as well as weight.

Junk Removal (as requested):

$260 removal and transportation fee

Disposal Fees

$100/ 1/4 of a truck

$25/ mattress or box spring

$30/ tv

$30/freon unit

Deposit and cancellation

Haul of Fame Movers requires an upfront deposit of $200.00 for moves quoted under $1999.99, however move quotes exceeding this amount require a 10% upfront deposit before the move date.


  • Deposits are non refundable due to cancellation. 

  • Deposit amount shall be subtracted from your final bill.

  • Haul of Fame Movers shall send you a receipt upon receiving deposit.

  • Deposit subtraction shall be displayed on final invoice/receipt.

  • Haul of Fame Movers reserves the right to charge the card on file for any unpaid services after 2 days without communication.

  • Haul of Fame Movers most be made aware prior to the move date about invoiced move bills paid by check.


Piano upstairs/ hoisting fee

Haul of Fame Movers reserves the right to determine if a piano or heavy item is too dangerous to competently move beyond the first floor. The fee for moving pianos or hoisting heavier than 100lbs past the first floor is $200/floor beyond the first.

Assembly & Disassembly: Haul of Fame Movers are to perform basic assembly & disassembly excluding wiring, reinforcing, or any alterations to customers property. Missing pieces to furniture or equipment lost by Haul of Fame Movers, shall be reported to Haul of Fame Movers within a 48 hour period, and considered damage, and shall be replaced or compensated by Haul of Fame Movers.   

Electronics, Mechanics, and appliances

Haul of Fame Movers shall not be held liable for any mechanical or electrical failures to any appliances, equipment, or electronic devices. Haul of Fame Movers is only responsible for physical surface damage caused by negligence on its movers or in transit while being transported by Haul of Fame Movers.

By signing this document you are hereby agreeing to the terms and conditions of Haul of Fame Movers.

Billing information on the confirmation email supersedes pricing on this page