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Terms & Conditions

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Contract             COMPANY INFO:DOT# 3487445 Haul of Fame Movers LLC


Oakcrest Drive Westfield Ma​




Clothes in Drawers - Remove clothing and other items from shelves, dressers and

drawers into appropriate sized boxes

Dump Runs/Trash - HOF movers cannot perform dump runs, or take away any trash -

without advanced notice.

Payment - Due upon completion of the move, we accept debit/credit cards only with a

3% processing fee. No cash or check.

Security Deposit - A $200 security deposit is due prior to scheduling, which will

eventually be deducted or refunded from the final bill.

Cancellation - Deposits are non refundable due to cancellation without rescheduling.

Rescheduling- Clients are responsible for letting HOF Movers know about schedule or

date changes 48 hours prior to the hour we are scheduled to arrive. Changes made

after 48 hours may be granted for a $100 fee.

Billable Time - Time is billable roundtrip from HOF Movers closest office to you:

Chicopee, Northampton, Westfield, Westborough, or Hartford (CT), billed in 15 minute

blocks with a 3 hour minimum charge. Final charges are based on actual lime.

Fuel/Tolls - If noted in the estimate, a flat or per mile fuel fee will apply.

Receipt - A receipt will be emailed to the address on file within 2 business days. The

Office will double check all move charges

prior to sending out receipts, and refund or collect additional amounts if the billing was


Estimates - All estimates: written, spoken or implied are non binding. Final charges are

based on actual time. Rates are included in the estimate section of this packet.

Mattresses - We require clients to utilize mattress bags on ALL mattresses, box springs

and loose cushions/pillows. Additional Mattress bags are

available for purchase at $10/bag or can be provided by the client. Every job receives 2

mattress bags free of charge

TV’s- We require TV's to be boxes in their original packaging or a TV Box provided by

HOF Movers at a cost of $50. Our team cannot move any TV's that are not boxes. We

provide 1 TV Box per job free of charge.

Tips - Gratuities are greatly appreciated by the crew, however they are not required.

Claims - All damage claims must be brought to HOF Movers attention within 24 hours

after the move is completed. Claims are to either be made via onsight with the crew

foreman or via phone call with the office 413-345-2019. If a resolution is not agreed

upon HOF Movers will submit an insurance claim which potentially pays up to 60 cents

per pound per article.

Unsanitary or unsafe conditions/ items- Haul of Fame Movers have the right to refuse or reschedule any assignment or tasks deemed unsanitary or unsafe. This includes bed bugs, human or animal waste, unknown smelly stains, broken/unsafe items, broken/unsafe surfaces, contaminated areas/items, or anything that can affect the health and safety of our team members. Haul of Fame Movers are entitled to to all payments 

Walkthrough -  After movers arrive, a walkthrough is to be conducted prior to starting any other tasks. The Movers will introduce themselves and the client shall show them every space along with the tasks they will be performing. The walkthrough will be included as billable time.


Post job inspection- Prior to starting the bill, the Foreman shall conduct a post job inspection or final walkthrough. This is where both the client and movers are checking for completion or damage. During this time the client may ask the movers to rearrange or reorganize furniture, appliances, or boxes. If damage is spotted a claim form shall be written and submitted to the office. During billing the client will sign off on the post job inspection.


Late Payments:

  • Payments are due within 30 minutes after Haul of Fame Movers completes a project.

  • After 24 hours, a $200 convenience fee (or loss of security deposit) will be charged for late payments.

  • Every 30 days, an additional $200 will be added to any late invoices.


  • Companies or organizations must give advance notice to Haul of Fame Movers regarding invoicing before the work date.

  • Exact payment dates must be provided, and there is an additional 2% charge on all invoices.

  • Failure to make payment on the contracted date will result in a $200 convenience fee every 30 days after the invoice, along with the 2% standard invoice fee.

It's important for companies and organizations working with Haul of Fame Movers to be aware of these policies to avoid any additional fees or inconveniences related to late payments or invoices.

Client Responsibilities

Packing & Prep - Unless previously agreed upon, HOF Movers expects (and all

estimates assume) that all items will be in boxes prior to our

arrival. All surfaces must be clear, and bedding must be removed and packed. Loose

items will add a significant amount of time to your move, which may increase your final


Parking - Reserve a safe, accessible and legal parking space at all locations. In the

case of metered or paid parking, the client is responsible for all fees or tickets

associated with their move.

Home Access - Remove any trash, clutter, loose items, room entryways and throughout

your home.

Children and Pets - Keep children and pets out of the way.

Present and Available - It is imperative you are available the entire day to help direct the

crew, and perform walkthroughs at all locations.

Electronics - All electronics including TVs, computers, stereo equipment, etc, must be

packed in boxes prior to HOF Movers arrival unless We are hired for packing services

for an additional fee. HOF Movers are not responsible for any electrical or mechanical

failures not due to negligence. Negligence would be an auto accident, dropping an item,

or having it fall off of or in the truck.

Pictures, Lamps, Mirrors - Pictures, lamps, and mirrors must be boxed prior to HOF

Movers arrival unless HOF Movers is contracted to provide

packing services. HOF Movers can pack up pictures on moving day, with supplies billed

as used.

Items on Walls - HOF Movers cannot remove any items from walls including mounted

TVs, pictures, etc

Breakdown/Assembly - HOF Movers will help take apart and reassemble furniture like

beds, tables and basic items.

Gas Powered Items - Gas must be removed from all equipment prior to HOF Movers


Plants - Plants may be moved in the truck, however they are not covered by Insurance,

Locks, Keys - HOF Movers cannot take possession of any locks or kevs

Exercise Equipment/Speciality Items - Exercise equipment, Freon units (refrigerators,

ect), or specialty furniture normally should be taken apart by the client. In the event that

this is not possible Haul of Fame Movers can attempt to assist in taking apart these

items with their own tools. Haul of Fame Movers are not responsible for any mechanical

or electrical failures not due to dropping or auto accidents. Please contact Haul of Fame

Movers for any questions or concerns

Additional Work - Additional work not due to damage after a post job inspection is completed and signed will result in the additional work being billed at HOF Movers standard rates. HOF Movers reserves the right to refuse additional work after a post job inspection and billing are completed.


General Information & Payments:

A household goods carrier’s liability for loss or damage to any shipment is $0.60 per pound, per article, unless the carrier and shipper agree, in writing, to a greater level of liability.I have received the pamphlet of 'Rights & Responsibilities' When You Move in Texas.TERMSActionsA CASHIERS CHECK OR CREDIT CARD IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO UNLOADING OF GOODS FROM OUR VEHICLES . LOCAL MOVES WITHIN 400 MILES MAY PAY CASH, CASHIERS CHECK, A VALID PERSONAL CHECK FROM A LOCAL BANK SHOWING UPON ITS FACE THE NAME AND ADDRESS OF THE SHIPPER OR AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE, OR VIA A CREDIT CARD . If invoice is not paid a service charge of 1.5% per month (18% per year) will be added to the unpaid balance. Should collection procedures be necessary to collect this bill, the customer agrees to pay and all costs of collection including reasonable attorney fees. A $35.00 service charge will be assessed on all checks returned by the bank as unpaid. For all moves and other tasks a deposit of $200 is required in order to reserve. All credit card payments are subject to a 3% processing fee. Failure to pay deposit directly after signing the contract may result in the cancellation of the intended move date. All deposits shall be either deducted from the final bill, or reimbursed to the card on file within 48 hours.

CUSTOMER ACCEPTS ANY AND ALL LIABILITY OF WATER DAMAGE. OUR COMPANY WILL NOT DISCONNECT OR RECONNECT ANY WATER LINES UNLESS ARRANGED PRIOR TO THE MOVE IN WRITING. Unless otherwise specified, customer expressly releases the shipment to a declared value of $0.60 per pound per article, and shall continue during and all services rendered. Carriers maximum liability for loss and damage shall be either the lump sum value declared by the customer below, or $0.60 per pound per article. There is a $250.00 deductible to the customer under the terms of this valuation. Rates for increase valuation are available upon request. In the event of any litigation, customer agrees that venue lies in Our County. The company is not liable for damage to items packed by others or for items which require packing for safe mirrors, marble, pictures, glass tops, lamps, or lamp shades, box springs, and mattresses, and all other unpacked fragile items, as well as all breakables packed in a carton by customer. Furthermore, all functions of electrical and mechanical appliances to include, but not limited to, computers, refrigerators, televisions, stereos, washing machines, dryers, etc. Unless there is visible outward damage. In no case is the carrier liable due to the inherent vice nature of any article being moved. I also agree to all Terms and Conditions on the back of this contract.DIFFICULT ACCESS EXCEPTIONS ActionsI understand that the movers in attempting to get a piece of furniture into an area that said piece has difficulty entering or exiting from is not insured. This said piece or pieces and the property damage that may incur is not insured in this event. I hereby knowingly accept all responsibility to any and all damages that may incur to existing property such as walls, bannisters, doorways, light fixtures, fans, sprinklers, etc.,and all floor coverings,i.e. rugs, linoleum, wooden floors, laminate,tile, etc. In this instance, any kind of damage to the furniture or property is not covered or the responsibility of the mover.



ActionsThe customer signing this contract must insert in the space above in his own handwriting his declaration of the actual value of the shipment , otherwise the shipment will be deemed released to a maximum value equal to $0.60 per pound per article. Actions$0.60 per pound per article


Not to exceed price is based on the info you provided, and that your locations are packed and ready to move. If additional packing, additional items, or variables happen the price will be adjusted accordingly. The guaranteed price will be emailed to you prior to contract. If there is no not to exceed price or range, client is responsible for all hours worked and will be billed by the agreed upon rate based on the estimated quote.



Payments in full are due after a bill is presented. TERMS AND CONDITIONSAdd Terms and ConditionsHeadingContentActionsLIABILITY OF THE MOVER:(A) Aside from the valuation declared, the Moving companies liability shall not exceed 60 cents per article for any of the following: i) In the event of injury or damage to any fragile articles (articles susceptible to breakage or crushing), the Mover shall be liable only in the amount of 60 cents per pound per article, unless such items/articles are both packed and unpacked by its employees, and subject to the further condition that such injury or damage is caused by the Mover; ii) The Mover may, at its sole discretion, refuse to move any items, including, but not limited to currency, , coins, money, jewelry, bullion, notes, securities, precious stones, furs, species, silverware, watches, pearls, documents, stamps, accounts bills, Deeds, evidences of debt, letters, manuscripts, mechanical drawings, blueprints, records, or other valuable papers, or any article of extraordinary high value (value in excess of $100 per pound), and shall only carry such articles when specifically declared in writing, and the additional valuation charges are paid by the Shipper. In the event of a claim related to any and all such undeclared articles, the Mover shall not be liable for an amount in excess of 60 cents per pound per article, for any reason whatsoever; iii) The Mover shall not be charged with the knowledge of the contents of containers or drawers or condition thereof, which the shipper packed, prepared, sealed, or refuses to open to allow the Mover to inspect, and the Mover shall be liable only in the amount of 60 cents per pound per article for damage, injury, or loss to such containers or the contents thereof: iv) The Mover’s liability shall not exceed 60 cents per article/item for the electrical or mechanical or electrical malfunction of any articles such as, but not limited to computers and computer equipment, camera’s, pianos, radios, television sets, video cassette recorders (VCR’s), digital video games, players, barometers, washers, dryers, refrigerators, clocks, air conditioners, whether or not such articles are packed or unpacked by the Mover. (B) the Mover has the right and shall be immediately notified of, and given an opportunity to inspect all claims for damage, including any concealed and/or external damage to the items and original packing materials. (C) The Mover’s liability with regard to sets or matched pieces shall be limited to repair or replacement, whichever is less, of the lost or damaged pieces only, and shall not extend to repair, replacement, or recovering the entire set, but in no-event to exceed the released or declared value as indicated. (D) The Mover shall not be liable or responsible for loss or damage caused after the property has been delivered to or receipted for by the consignee or Shipper or the authorized agent of either. (E) Where the Mover is directed to load property from (or render any services at) a place or places at which the Shipper or its agent is not present, the property shall be loaded at the risk of the Shipper before loading. (F) The Mover will not be liable for the following: i) any loss or damage caused by ordinary wear and tear, mold, mildew, termites, rodents, vermin, moths, bed bugs, and other insects, rust, leakage, tarnish, oxidation, fumigation, heat, cold, moisture, change in temperature, or other atmospheric conditions. ii) Any loss or damage caused by natural deterioration inherent vice or defect of the property, or loss, damage, or decay contributed to or caused by acts, neglect, or omissions of the Shipper, or by acts of war, terrorism, insurrection, nuclear explosion or contamination, strikes, labor disturbances, fire, riots, or by any acts of God. (G) Where the shipment has been released to the mover at a value not exceeding 60 cents per pound per article as per declaration of value on the face hereof, it is agreed that the said property be moved, packed, shipped, forwarded, or otherwise handled with the Mover’s liability limited to 60 cents per pound per article. All of the liability in excess of 60 cents per pound per article is solely the Shipper’s responsibility with respect to any loss, damage, or delay for any reason whatsoever. (H) Where the shipment has been released to the Mover at a value in excess of 60 cents per pound per article as per declaration of value on the face hereof, and in consideration of the additional charge for such value scheduled thereon, it is agreed that the Mover’s liability shall not exceed the cost of repairing or replacing the property lost or damaged with materials of like kind and quality, whichever is less, not exceeding the actual cash value of the property at the time and place of loss, with due allowance for depreciation or deterioration however caused, but in no event shall the Mover’s liability for all loss and damage to the Shippers property exceed the value declared by the Shipper, in writing, on the face of this agreement hereof. (I) The company is not responsible for any fragile articles injured or broken, unless packed by its employees and unpacked by them at the time of delivery. The company will not be responsible for mechanical or electrical functioning of any article such as but not limited to pianos, radios, phonographs, televisions, clocks, barometers, computers, phones, refrigerators, washers, dryers, freezers, air conditioners, or other instruments or appliances whether or not such articles are packed or unpacked by the company. 



The following items are herby restricted for transport or handling. Flammable liquids, paint, hazardous chemicals/ materials, Firearms, pets, humans, illegal substances, needles, human/ animal waste, pest infested HHG's, HHG covered with harmful materials.


Client responsibilities & Termination/ continuation of services

All work areas are expected to be safe and readily accessible. Haul of Fame Movers reserves the right to terminate any assignment due to client unpreparedness or unreasonable deviations from initial agreement. Employees are only permitted to work no longer than 16 hours locally (100 miles) and 13 hours long distance (above 100 miles). In the event of an extended move Haul of Fame Movers will sit the truck in a secure location and then reconvene the next day. All non packing jobs are required to be fully packed the day of service. All clients are required to provide safe & accessible walkways as well as parking. 

Snow & inclement wether

Snow removal is required prior to movers arriving. In the case of inclement storms jobs may be postponed or rescheduled. Employees will not shovel snow and will bill either for 3 hours if the job needs to cancel or reschedule, or bill for time waited.

No fault wait times

Any wait times due to no fault of Haul of Fame Movers will be billed at the rate agreed upon.


The Shipper has represented and warranted to the Mover that the Shipper has a lawful possession of, legal right, and authority to tender all of the property herein described, and that there are and will be no liens, mortgages, or encumbrances on said property superior or averse to the legal right and authority of the Shipper to contract for services. If there be any claims or litigation concerning the property, the Shipper agrees to pay all storage and other charges, and agrees to indemnify the Mover for all costs, expenses, and attorney’s fees that the Mover may reasonably incur or become liable to pay in connection therewith. The Mover shall have a lien on said property for all charges including storage and for such costs and expenses. The lien specified herein shall also cover legal expenses incurred in bringing or defending an interpleader action to determine the ownership and/or right of possession of property specified in the Contract. The Mover, at its option, may bring suit for reimbursement pursuant to the foregoing provisions without further foreclosing of its lien. 


The Mover will make reasonable efforts to complete delivery and is not responsible if physical conditions or other special circumstances prevent completion. If the Mover cannot deliver the goods in the ordinary way (by stairs or elevator), there will be an extra charge for hoisting, lowering, or other labor or equipment necessary. The Shipper must make advance arrangements for elevators (have them padded) or other services and pay any charges. The Mover will charge for waiting time caused by lack of sufficient elevator service or any other causes beyond the Mover’s control including weather. If no authorized person is present to accept goods at the agreed time, or if orders are incomplete, the Mover will deliver the goods at the Shipper’s risk using reasonable judgment. 


Inventory sheets are prepared only on shipments destined to storage, co-mingled with other shipments, when valuation requires it, or when requested, in writing, by the Shipper. (Additional fees will apply when requested by the Shipper.) 


The agreement represents the entire Contract between the parties hereto and cannot be modified except in writing (digitally), signed by the Shipper and an officer of the Moving Company, and it shall be deemed to apply to all property of any and all nature or description which the Mover may now or at any time in the future pack or ship for the Shipper’s account. If any paragraph or portion thereof is found to be unenforceable for any reason, it shall not affect the remainder of this Contract, then said Contract shall be fully enforceable and shall govern the rights and responsibilities of the parties. 


If an addition or calculation error is made on a invoice, contract, or any other written form by a representative of Our Company and is found by our billing department after the fact the customer is still liable for actual charges and time that the bill should have reflected regardless what the invoice, contract, or other written form states if it directly contradicts itself based on the totals of the (A) moving time between the arrival and finished time, (B) discount time if any, (C) travel time, (D) fuel charge, (E) materials if any, (F) storage if any, (G) or any other charges listed on said form that do not calculate to the correct grand total. Customer hereby agrees for said correct grand total to be billed to their payment method listed on the front of this Contract. 


The Mover shall not be liable for the loss or destruction of, or damage to the goods/articles tendered and moved and or stored hereunder, or any part thereof, unless claim is made, in writing, to the mover listed on the front of this Contract and filed with the Mover within thirty (30) days, or the minimum time afforded by local ordinance, where applicable. A claim form is located on movers website, click link that says “File a Claim." This form must be filled in its entirety and within the allotted time above. Once this claim form is submitted no further claims may be made against Our Company.​Services & RatesAll local moves are billed by the hour round trip from the closest terminal to the pick up or delivery address provided. Clients will be billed based on the hourly rate established on the email or estimate provided. Clients are required to provide an official email or estimate from Haul of Fame Movers in the event of any disputes over billing. Clients must make Haul of Fame Movers aware of any additional supplies needed for their move and will be billed for said supplies. For all Junk removal jobs the client will pay for the labor, travel, and disposal of all items related. Haul of Fame Movers shall provide a dump receipt for junk removal, reimbursement/ payment is due immediately upon receiving. Long Distance/ Overnight MovingLong distance moves are billed based on labor, distance, and weight. Other charges unique to certain routes such as tolls and other expenses are billed into the price. Haul of Fame Movers charges $0.70 per pound per truck and $2.00 per mile round trip. The client is also charged $300 per night the truck is sat between Haul of Fame Movers office, the delivery location, and back to Haul of Fame Movers Fuel, tolls, and Misc truck chargesFor moves exceeding 50 miles round trip $50 will be billed per 50 miles driven between Haul of Fame Movers office, to pick up, to delivery, and back to Haul of Fame Movers. Any tolls related to the job shall be calculated prior to the day of the move/job and then added to the final bill. Crew limits and job descriptionsEvery moving crew is only allotted maximum 14 work hours per day including travel. If a job or move exceeds 14 hours the crew must hold the remainder of inventory in storage overnight until the next day. a Sit fee of $300 will shall be applied to the final bill. This fee may be waved in the event of inclement weather or due specific faults of Haul of Fame Movers. Haul of Fame Movers are W2 employees hired as "House Hold Good Movers", any tasks out side of moving HHG or typical office goods shall not be performed by Haul of Fame Movers. Packing is a complimentary service which needs to be purchased prior to move/job date. Any unpacked items will only be moved at the crew leaders discretion. 


Firearms/ ammunition, alcohol, compost waste, humans/ animals, bodily waste, Hazardous materials, Flammable materials, plants (or will not be insured), illicit substances/drugs/material, open containers/boxes.​Additional services, supplies, & feesPayments with a credit card are subject to an additional 3% processing fee. Additional services such as junk removal, packing, and deliveries shall be charg

Billing information on the confirmation email supersedes pricing on this page
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