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Umass Moving

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

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Umass is an awesome campus, with such a diverse student body. From the busy South west, to the eventful campus central, to the state of the art campus recreation center, Umass has everything that you need for student life.

Umass dining is one of, if not the premier campus dining facilities in the country. Umass auxiliary services goes over and beyond in preparing an endless variety of food for the students. Stir Fry, pizza, sushi, tacos, gluten-free station, and even a lobster 🦞 and steak 🥩 dinner every Halloween , the dinning commons alone have you covered. If you are really feeling fancy you have the delicious campus restaurants at blue wall.

Over the years the town of Amherst and Campus, have invested millions into student off campus student housing. These apartments generally range between $1100-$3500. South Amherst used to have terrible cell phone reception in certain areas, but we have noticed that this has gotten a lot better over time.

Commuting around Amherst is very easy (this is not considering the COVID pandemic 😷 ). During class times the R-30 and R-31 run every 10-15 minutes. If you need to commute into Hadley or Northampton, the B43 generally runs every 30 mins. Did I mention that these buses are free? We also understand that it’s college life (once again not considering global pandemics), Uber and Lyft drivers descend from all over Western Ma just to help with the high demand of campus parties and events.

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