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The OG's of Moving

I recently did a move from Massachusetts to Kentucky and I found these studs. Chester, Terry, and Ernie met me at the unload and when I said that these guys could move, I mean these men were MOVERS! I have mixed reviews using Hire a Helper from U-haul, initially I was on the highway stressed out while calling the same company over and over. This is because, I have had guys not show up, or if they do they show up not very sober. It is like the moving gods said "we have put Entric through enough with moving help, let's give him the best we have", and like magic Up And Coming Movers from Lexington KY showed up early, unloaded, arranged and reassembled furniture, relieving me all stress. Outside of my company, these are the best movers that I have ever worked with. Haul of Fame Movers was built on expedient and resilient customer service, so these are things that I pay attention to when hiring moving help on long distance trips. I called six different companies one being what I could see by the google ads as the biggest in the area, and none of them got back to me in a timely manner. Up And Coming Movers got back to me within 5 minutes of my inquiry. Even as some of my plans fell through they worked with me and accommodated me accordingly. They were priced fairly and not the cheapest or most expensive. You always want to go with that middle price in this industry anyways FYI. This is the classic example of a small crew with vast experience, knowledge, and also passion for moving. These men love their job, and it showed in how flawless their work was.

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