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The 10 Movers Commandments

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Hof Movers1:1. As thy decent upon another summer, I was approached by a goat with a crown. Upon a rock it sayeth these 10 commandments.

Hof Movers 1:2. Thou shalt not drive under the 10' bridge on Main st.

Hof Movers 1:3. Full fill all of thy commitments even beyond expectations.

Hof Movers 1:4. Be ye cheerful to provide service at all times.

Hof Movers 1:5. Thou shalt pack thy trucks as if tornadoes cometh.

Hof Movers 1:6. Blessed are the movers who use shrink wrap on couches.

Hof Movers 1:7. Thou shalt leave no piece of furniture exposed before loading.

Hof Movers 1:8. Be not afraid of pianos and safes, for this is breakfast for movers.

Hof Movers 1:9. Thou shalt be transparent and honest in thy policies and pricing.

Hof Movers 1:10. Floors and walls are most sacred in the eyes of the the moving gods.

Hof Movers 1:11. Treat thy client as if you were moving Meryl Streep.

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