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Why people are moving out of New England?

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Why people are moving out of New England?

Business Insider published a list of the top ten states that people are moving out from. This list placed Massachusetts at number 6 and Connecticut at number 9

Not only Business Insider, but if you google "the top ten states that people are moving from", it is almost a guarantee to find Massachusetts and Connecticut on what ever list that you may pull up. These were once states where people settled down in and purchased property. What happened?

Massachusetts has long touted it's prestigious and even public academic institutes. puts Massachusetts at number 1 for academic performance at all levels. With Parents feeling more uneasy about their children's future prospects, one would expect people to be migrating in great numbers to Mass, but instead we see the total opposite affects. Could it be the average $6,019 property tax in Massachusetts, or could it be the cost of living in certain counties is just way too high?

Connecticut is the perfect bridge between Boston and New York, with I84 and I95 taking two hours max to arrive no matter where in the state you are coming from. Yes I said it, Connecticut is mostly a bridge state! The three bigger cities in Connecticut are actually very small being Hartford, New Heaven, and Bridgeport. The poverty and crime in the three bigger cities are well documented, while the property taxes in counties like Fairfield leave people gasping for air. People complain about the PIT , but I really don't think that this is a big problem because Connecticut tax rate is not the worst. Connecticut is also a very wealthy state, and is able to delegate its funds accordingly. The Pros and Cons appear to cancel each other out, so what gives?

I do not think that it is so much that people are leaving New England, I feel that other states are doing more to attract new residents.

The Carolinas have always been vast and beautiful states, with untapped potential. Yes these states are 20 years behind in development and infrastructure, but now that only puts them in the year 2000. We are starting to see a lot of tech start ups happen in Charleston South Carolina. With respects to education, one could say that Charlotte NC has become the southern version of Boston.

Small business owners are finding an easier time in areas such as Florida, Texas, and Georgia, because of the relaxed rules and regulations, as well as the low tax rates. The emergence of the south in the 21st century is very real. Purchasing land and homes are also very cheap compared to New England. Corona Virus has changed and reimagined business/work for ever , giving more people the freedom to work remotely, while the sharing industry like Uber, Instacart, and Doordash have provided self employment opportunities everywhere. We do not have to live "where the jobs are" anymore.

Oh yea, Lets not forget about the cold, frosty, white stuff below!

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