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Moving to Amherst?

Ok, so I am pretty bias here when I say that Amherst is a pretty cool town. Known for its college and universities, Amherst is much more than just a college town, it is a melting pot of culture and ideas. The Amherst town commons have many weekend events, from social justice rallies, to farmers markets, to even the 3 county fair. Amherst dinning is also on another level, with places like Miss Saigon, Monkey Bar Bistro, Judies, the Hanger, and much much more.

I have had both the pleasure of experiencing both student and "townie" life in Amherst, Ma. For students you are surrounded by some of the best campuses in the country, with the main one being the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Umass is a very diverse, achieving, and fun school. The town of Amherst caters to students, even making all of their buses around town free. This is HUGE! If you live off campus no problem, there is a bus every 15 mins to bring you to class. If you are having a fun night out with friends no worries, the buses run past the time when the bars close (which is 1:00am btw).

The only draw backs for living in Amherst is the sometimes outrageous rent prices. I get it, students will pile up in these apartments and pay top dollar, but as a resident some of these prices are kind of tough to swallow. Home prices are also pretty high in Amherst, but there are surrounding areas like Pelham, Leverett, Sunderland, and Belchertown where you can get a lot of house and property for a reasonable price.

Amherst Public schools are among the top performing schools in the state. The teachers work very well with families, and their are many resources and programs for families to utilize for their children.

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