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Maybe Time To Reset And Declutter?

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

With Amazon being such a big force in our purchasing lives, we find our recycling bin buried with smiley boxes. How many things can we actually consume? Wait, let's not answer that question. Spending so much time at home i find myself looking at every corner with a side eye. "I need to get rid of this god awful chair" or " please baby Yoda do not make me have to look at this ugly rug anymore".

Make a list

I started to make a list of everything in my home that I no longer had much use for, or items that just plain and simply irritate me. Being quarantined I need space for yoga, cartwheels, and shadow basketball. If I stub a toe on it, that is a pretty good indicator that subject item needs to go bye bye.

The Dump Is Still An Essential Business.

Haul of Fame Movers has an inexpensive junk removal service. Maybe you can sell certain desirable and maintained items on FB market or even ughhhh, craigslist. Decluttering and making your space more efficient works wonders in our pursuit of not screaming at a wall during quarantine.

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