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Make money with your pickup truck!

I remember when I was 21 years old and all I could afford was an old salvaged red Chevrolet S10 pick up truck. I would duck my head down as I quickly passed by my friends, embraced by the hideous red zombie looking truck. I remember my grandfather visited us from South Carolina and sad "boy thats a nice truck". I looked at him puzzled, like "grandpa you drive a brand new Toyota Rav4". My grandfather smiled at me and said "a man with a truck will always be a man with a job". A light went off in my head, and then I realized what my grandpa was alluding to.

Almost everyone who doesn't own a pickup truck will need to use one at some point. I lived in a small but densely populated college town at the time, I quickly found no shortage of people who needed help picking up a couch from target, or someone who needed to move their mothers dresser into their new apartment. During the college move in/ move out months you could easily rack up a hefty amount of side money doing quick hauls to the nearest storage or dorm. This is before I even knew anything about the moving industry, and how lucrative starting a moving company the right way could be. I was just a guy living pay check to paycheck, trying to get some extra cash.

You do not need to be a master marketer to get a pick up or two, simple postings on FB or word of mouth could turn your pick up truck into a small cash machine. If you really want to go ahead and maximize your ability to perform side jobs with your pickup truck, there are also apps like Thumbtack, Task Rabbit, and even Craigslist. Yes you will spend a little bit of money, but you can land gigs almost every weekend if not other day. I will be breaking down methods on how to absolutely kill it on these platforms for as little money possible in later blogs.

Probably the highest paying job that you can do with your pickup truck are dump runs and trash removal. There are plenty of rural and secluded area were people do not have city recycling and trash removal. You can actually build up a solid route which I will explain in greater detail in another blog post.

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