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How To Pack A Moving Truck?

The first step to packing a moving truck is knowing what size truck you will need.

1. 8ft cargo van: If you are a college student or an individual with only a few boxes and 1-4 small to moderate sized furniture this option can work for you. If you are moving a couch then pretty much there goes all of your space. These trucks have the best milage rates.

2. 10ft moving truck: Pretty much the same as a moving van. You can fit a little bit more boxes and small pieces of furniture inside. Full and twin sized mattresses can be stood up in these trucks as well.

3. 15ft-17ft moving trucks: Used for 1-2 bedroom homes. These become very tight with larger couches and other large not stackable items are included in your move.

4. 26 ft truck: This will cover just about any move or at least a full home. If another trip or truck is needed, it usually due to an overflow in the basement or garage.

It is very Important to build your truck in tiers. Plan ahead and be very deliberate.

Tier 1: You want to start off building your truck with boxes. Clear out all of the boxes and go as high as possible leaving no air space. This is perfect because the boxes should be the last things off of the truck, making plenty of room to place rugs, furniture, and appliances.

Tier 2: Next it is time for the dressers. You want to continue to go high and tight, so feel in the air space with dinning room chairs, cushions, and loose items on top of the dressers. Save one long dresser for later if you have a few.

Tier 3: This is a controversial topic, because depending on the mover they will say to put the couch or the bed next (no one is right or wrong here). For beginners purposes put the beds in flat against the load in order to it all together. Lay a blanket on the floor (folded and enough to fit underneath all mattresses. Put mirrors and glass in between the the mattresses. put your table (legs off) in the load and then seal it with box springs. Use a strap to secure everything.

Tier 4: This is where you bring your couches and stand them up with the feet against the wall of the truck. You can also include arm chairs and lazy boy's. Build from left to right as always. Use your other strap.

Tier 5: Remember that long dresser? Put it on either side of the truck against the wall and put your tv boxes on top of it. Strap the tv boxes and maybe art work to the wall and fill out the rest of the truck with appliances, and other items left over. Put the rugs on last, as they will be first to come in the house.


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