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How To Move A Pizza Oven

You just bought yourself a brand new Alfa Pizza oven, perfect for enhancing your outdoor cooking experience, but there is one problem...... The delivery guy drops it off in your drive way. HOW THE HECK ARE YOU GOING TO GET THIS THING UP ONTO YOUR PATIO?

Alfa pizza oven
All in the days work!

We strongly advise to call a professional licensed moving company, but if you insist on doing it yourself, here are some helpful tips.

First of all you don't know what to make of this giant box just sitting in your drive way, but trust me it is easy to unpack. You will need safety glasses, thick mechanical gloves, wire cutters or something very sharp, lift straps, and 3-4 able and strong bodies.

Start off by cutting the metal straps holding the pallet and the crate together. Be sure to wear your safety glasses and thick mechanical gloves before cutting to help prevent injury. Once the metal strap is cut, time to lift the crate up and over the oven.

The oven has thick wheels making is easy to roll on many surfaces. Lift the Oven one side at a time off of the pallet, if there is grass, snow, or other none hard/flat surface place the flattened crate on the ground and place it on there. Using the flattened crate push/roll the oven over it like a track, repositioning the flattened crate and the oven until reaching your desired destination.

If your patio is on a deck this is where the will power comes into play. It would be nice if we all had long ramps at our house, but up the stairs we must go. Take your lifting strap (go to a uhaul moving and storage if you do not have one), make a U shape underneath the oven behind the legs closest to the first step. Make sure the who ever is holding the straps has it tight underneath the oven by with both sides of the straps in hand (with 4 people have one on each side, with 3 people have the strongest holding the straps). The person/ people holding the straps need to lift the Oven onto the first step, having the oven slightly elevated. Next the people on the bottom must lift from the legs (not the middle because the metal is very fragile on some parts on the Oven), while the people/ person holding the straps lift as well (use a 1,2,3 count). There is no magic formula here, you are carrying this bad boy us the stairs.

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